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María José Márquez

Creating floral experiences

Hi, I'm María José Márquez (Kiki), entrepreneur, florist and creative director at Kiki Silvarum Floral Design.

My specialty is designing and creating experiences with personality and pampered to the smallest detail.

My inspiration is nature, always present in my designs. I am a woman passionate about my work and my goal is to make all the dreams and ideas of my clients come true for any occasion.

I am very fortunate because I enjoy creating and designing, taking my clients' wishes from paper to reality and I believe that this is reflected in the result. Their faces say it all and the magic we create touches their guests as well.

maria jose marquez kiki

My inspiration is nature, always present in my designs.

My story began in Canada, where I lived for a year and where I had the experience of a lifetime on a personal and professional level.

I then studied a Master's degree in Human Resources and worked in the banking, technology and healthcare sectors.

However, my true passion has always been creativity and personal expression, and that is what drew me to the world of nature and flowers.

In 2019 I founded Kiki Silvarum Estudio Floral, a project born with a lot of passion and illusion.

I am very grateful for all the opportunities that life has given me and I am always willing to continue learning and growing.

Follow your passion and turn it into your profession.

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